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Finding a good tile contractor or house painting contractor in Charlotte NC can be a surprisingly difficult process. Here at Charlotte Tile and Paint, we’ve found that the more you know, the better decision you can make for your home.

Consequently, we wanted to provide you and other Charlotte homeowners with a comprehensive tile and house painting guide. That way, you’ll be armed to the teeth with useful knowledge next time you paint your house or remodeling the tile in your bathroom.

How Do I Find Great House Painters Near Me?

A house painter is often only as good as their reputation. We recommend only contacting painting contractors that have numerous high ratings and reviews on sites like Google, Angieslist, and Yelp. In addition, how quickly they get back to you and how easy it is to get a quote from initial contact often signifies how your paint job will go.

It’s also worth noting that you should only work with painting companies that are licensed and insured to perform the work. No matter if it’s a few drywall repairs on the interior or painting the entire exterior of your home, you need a contractor with proper coverage. Indeed, there simply isn’t a painting project on earth that is worth putting you or your home at risk.

Lastly, we recommend actually reading the online reviews of each interior or exterior painter you get quotes from. They will tell you if the type of painting project you need to be done is within their wheelhouse.

There are plenty of good examples of highly-rated local painting services but one that stands out to me is Improovy Painters St Louis. These amazing painters near me are not only highly-rated for their workmanship quality but you’ll notice they also care about the customer experience. Not to mention, Improovy’s professional painting services in St. Louis, MO also include a free color consultation for each one of their interior or exterior painting clients which stands out as well!

benefits of Ceramic Tile in bathroom flooring
Bathroom Tile & Home Painting Service Work

Charlotte Painting & Tile Guide 2019

Charlotte tile and paint specializes in both tile work and interior house painting. With years of experience, you can say we know our way around a color wheel.

This quality house painting company in Naperville, IL actually includes professional interior paint color consults from a Sherwin Williams designer for free in their services!

Color can dramatically alter any space within a home. The possibilities made available to us by modern paints are almost limitless, and traditional and modern homes alike can be transformed through the clever use of color.

Looking for a great house painting color guide? Here is our favorite paint color of the year list by fantastic painting contractors Chicago. 3rd Gen Painting compares the paint colors of the year from top paint brands like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, & PPG. Most certainly, a great read for sure.

Pale colors, whites, and pastels can instantly refresh a tired room, giving a clean look and creating a bright, spacious atmosphere. Rich colors, such as deep ruby or emerald green, will have an intense effect, creating a more intimate and cozy feeling.

Here is a detailed paint color guide for your next house painting project in Charlotte NC.

Your own personal preferences have a huge influence on which paint colors you choose. If you simply love rich, jewel-like shades, then be bold and go for a luscious raspberry to inspire you in your work area. No doubt, we can use our knowledge of the color wheel to perfect the actual shades and intensity of colors.

Interior House Paint Color Tips

Certain colors can evoke an emotional response, and clever use of light can enhance or subdue a mood. So before you decorate, take the time to first consider how you want the room to feel.

Use corresponding paint colors accordingly to achieve your desired feel in the space.

Test Out The Paint Color on Walls First

Test colors can be painted on walls and trim to observe how they change from daytime to night time. You can drape fabric over a chair in front of the wall and match to nearby furniture to see how the two colors and surfaces interact with each other.

What Feelings Do Paint Colors Evoke?
  • Pinks are fun, lively, positive and feminine.
  • Reds are passionate, daring, intimate and comforting.
  • Oranges stimulate creativity and are warming and cozy.
  • Yellows are welcoming and sunny. Strong yellows are said to help the brain work better.
  • Greens represent nature and are both tranquil and invigorating, as well as restful and balancing.
  • Blues are connected to the sky and to water, and they are associated with clear thinking and calm, meditative environments.
  • Violets can be stimulating and elegant, while blue violets can be cooling and spiritual

Did you know that the paint color you choose has a major effect on your paint job price? Without question, one of the best interior painting price tools out there is the one created by these tech-enabled Chicago interior painters.

Improovy is a home improvement marketplace based in Chicagoland that is keen on reinventing the home improvement industry.

Ultimately, the price of your paint job is an important factor in deciding whether to DIY or hire a professional painting contractor. Luckily, Improovy painters in Chicago, IL have your back.

Interior Faux Finish and Textures

Give your walls some glamour with a faux finish paint application. Add intrigue to a room and enliven the atmosphere with a faux treatment.

You can add texture to your interior walls, such as stucco, to give dimension and character. Personalize any room to your particular style and taste.

Color washing means applying a coat of thinned paint over a background color. Sponging can be done in a number of ways and involves dabbing and different colors.

Faux Finish Interior Painting Charlotte NC
Faux Finish Interior Painting

Ragging is one of the most varied and dramatic effects in the field of broken color and is accomplished with a rolled-up cloth. Marbling gives the illusion of luxurious marble, great for columns or underneath a chair rail.

Exterior Painting

Charlotte Tile and Paint also provides excellent exterior painting services for homes in Charlotte, NC.

Exterior House Painting Charlotte NC
Exterior House Painting Charlotte NC

Painting your home’s exterior is a necessity if you want to protect the surfaces from the outdoor elements. Remember that maintaining your home’s stucco, wood, vinyl, or fiberboard is very important to prevent expensive damages in the future.

We recommend using Benjamin Moore for exteriors but are totally fine with using your preferred paint brand as needed. As a whole, paint products make for a great job.

In addition, we can stain your exterior wooden decks and porches. Staining or painting your deck floors or railings is needed to prevent costly wood rot damages. Lastly, we use quality stains and sealants such as Cabot deck stains to protect and seal your deck surfaces for the long haul!

Deck Staining Project Charlotte NC
Deck Staining Project Charlotte NC

Tile Guide for Homeowners In Charlotte

Ceramic tile is as good looking as it is practical. Benefits of this popularly used tile include it being a tough, easy to clean, and fireproof flooring or wall option.

Tile is Versatile

Tile can be installed on floors and walls, indoors and out, and exposed to water or high heat.

Ceramic tiles can basically be used to decorate any room of the house including your kitchen, bathrooms, or mudroom.

Furthermore, ceramic tile works as a fantastic backdrop to any home improvement or renovation project because of the varieties of styles and colors available.

Variety of Tile Styles

The variety of tile colors, shapes, and sizes creates wonderful design possibilities.
Glazed ceramic tiles come in a rainbow of hues. Tile colors range from quiet neutrals & blazing primaries to pretty pastels & dramatic dark colors.

Additionally, there are decorative tiles with designs, impressions, and imagery. Many tiles are textured, both for better grip underfoot and for an interesting look. There are also endless arrays of sizes and shapes readily available.
In like manner, it is easy to give ceramic tile installations a detailed touch with a number of manufacturers offering a variety of trim pieces for edges, corners, caps, and rounded arches and circles.
Lastly, many tile producers also provide matching accessories, such as towel bars, soap dishes, corner shelves, and paper holders.

Practical Advantages of Ceramic Tile

Low Maintenance

Ceramic and stone tiled floors, walls, and countertops are easy to care for as general cleaning consists of a quick wipe with a damp mop.

Regardless, even when cleaning is neglected for a long period of time, a good wash will usually bring back the lustrous sheen. Better yet, hire a local cleaning service like Sophia’s Cleaning Service in la Grange, IL to clean your bathroom and maintain your new tile’s finish Don’t forget to make sure to have your house cleaners use the right cleaning product for the surface!

Ceramic Tile flooring in bathroom
Ceramic Tile flooring in bathroom

As long as the original installation was properly done, there is no reason why a ceramic tile installation would not last as long as your house.
It is said that tiles used thousands of years ago in Egyptian pyramids looked just as lustrous as new tile when they were found years later.
When purchasing any new tile, bear in mind that you will be living with it for a very long time. Make sure to take time and care in choosing tiles that you think will be appropriate for decades to come!

Tile is Easy To Replace

If carpeting gets stained or damaged, you usually have to replace the entire piece.

However, if damage occurs to a tiled surface, individual tiles can be repaired as necessary without tearing out the entire installation. Cracked or loose tiles or damaged grout can be repaired and rejuvenated relatively easy which is a huge bonus.

Worried about the mess you’ll make during your next DIY or professional home remodel? No doubt, you’ll be surprised how cheap and easy it is to rent a dumpster for a few days to dispose of demo materials. Actually, local dumpster rental companies like this dumpster rental business in Charlottesville VA, make it easier (and cheaper) than ever to rent small dumpsters on a budget.

Alternatively, if you want to make changes for aesthetic reasons, most installations can be re-styled, accented, or added to without having to remove the main body of tiles.

Lastly, it is fairly easy to extend a ceramic tiled surface should you decide to enlarge an area or add on to a room.

Bonus Tip: Tile Insulation Benefits

Did you know that ceramic tile is an efficient solar collector, and one of the best floor coverings to install for that purpose?

In the winter, tile stores heat during the day and slowly release it at night, warming your feet.
During the summer, tile defuses some of the sun’s rays by absorbing heat. Also, during the evening, ventilation around the tile carries the heat away consequently cooling the tile surface.
Consider installing ceramic tiles around wall heaters and radiators, around wood stoves, and under skylights to get even more benefits from the versatile floor covering.
In particular, if you are installing tile primarily for solar heat benefits, the best substrate is a thick bed of concrete.

What’s more, tiles will store and emit heat to some extent even when installed over plywood!

ceramic tile installation

Value of Tile

Ceramic tile looks so good that many people consider it a luxury but, in actuality, it is very affordable.

For one thing, many ceramic floor tiles are about the same price as vinyl flooring.

In addition, tile will long outlast vinyl installations, making tile the more economic choice as a floor covering. Likewise, a countertop built with ceramic tile may cost more than a laminate one, but will ultimately be more durable.

In the same respect, a tile countertop will be less expensive than a stone or simulated stone slab.
As you would imagine, tiling a wall can be more expensive than painting or paperhanging.

Tile is A Good Investment

Having said that, because of its water resistance, tiles are more practical in wet areas such as shower walls, tub surrounds, and backsplashes.
Another key point when important factor when weighing the benefits of tile against other products is the return for your money.

Unquestionably, floors, walls, and counters covered with ceramic tile, marble, slate, and related tile products are generally associated with luxury living.

Ultimately ceramic tile makes for an installation option that looks professional and will certainly add to the appeal and value of your home. Overall it is a great choice for your next remodel.

Types of Tiles Used in Construction

interior ceramic bathroom tile

There are a variety of different tiles you can use for home construction and renovation purposes.

Each type of tile has its own unique properties and advantages. In addition, the type of tile used in construction may vary based on where you install them on the home.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is an awesome material for flooring. Not to mention, it is low maintenance and resists dirt and stains easily.

Lastly, ceramic tiles will not fade, as its colors are permanently ingrained during the manufacturing process.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile is actually a form of ceramic made with denser clays and fired at higher temperatures. Because of this, porcelain is frost-proof and capable of being installed outdoors.

Granite Tile

Granite is one of the strongest stones on the planet. This makes granite tile a solid choice to install as countertops and flooring along with other higher traffic areas.

Travertine Tile

The neutral color range of travertine tile makes for an ideal backdrop for your design ideas. Travertine can act as a blank canvas in a space that gives you the freedom to employ a verity of color schemes and design ideas.

Additionally, because of Travertine tile’s strength and ageless beauty; it has become one of the best selling and most popular tiles for construction.

Travertine Tile Finishes Include:
  • Polished Travertine: An elegant, high shine for a more stately and formal appearance.
  • Honed Travertine Tile: A matte finish that softens the stone’s appearance, creating a casual atmosphere in any room.
  • Brushed Travertine Tile: An antique finish that gives your room a reserved, old-world ambiance.
  • Tumbled Travertine Style: A finish that offers you an antiqued, ageless style in neutral colors
marble tile remodeling install
marble tile remodeling install
Marble Tile

Marble is actually a metamorphic rock that contains crystallized sediments. This tile’s characteristic swirls and veins bring life and form to the tile’s surface. In addition, marble colors range from elegant greens to classic blacks, whites, and cremes.

Slate Tile

Slate tile is a rustic, earthy stone that is formed in layers. It is great for adding depth and texture to walls or floors. Recently, slate has become a popular choice to help transition between tradition and more industrial home design styles.

Glass and Mosaic Tile

Glass and mosaic tile’s bright, translucent qualities add luster to spaces like no other tile can. Glass and mosaic tiles are also stain-proof, waterproof, and naturally nonporous; making it a fantastic choice for any bathroom or kitchen renovation.

Stone mosaics tiles add accents to any space without dominating a room. A Mosaic tile’s detail is used to add a touch of beauty and character to a bland space without going over-the-top.

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